Reducing paper use at the University

On Campus

The University uses millions of sheets of paper each year; much of this is wasteful and puts huge pressure on the natural environment. Since 2019 we have only used recycled paper across the University. There are a number of actions you can take to reduce the amount of paper used on campus:

Day to day

  • Keep it on the screen - think before you print and only print when absolutely necessary.
  • Print on both sides - duplex printing should be default on most printers but check to make sure before you print.
  • Where possible conduct paperless meetings and exam boards. Ensure attendees know that information will be shared electronically.
  • Wherever possible print more than one page per sheet to reduce the number of pages printed.
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists and printed magazine subscriptions.
  • Teaching activities should be as paperless as possible without reducing quality. Use of online resources such as Blackboard is encouraged to replace printed handouts and feedback except for students with DSO recommendations.
  • Avoid using paper notes for lab work wherever possible.
  • Commonly used printing areas should house a container to deposit used one-sided paper for reuse by other members of staff.
  • Reuse envelopes for use in the internal mail.

Large print runs

  • If you are responsible for printing large amounts of paper, undergo an inventory of past print jobs for which too many copies were ordered. Apply lessons learnt to future printing jobs.
  • Publicise the results of your inventory to encourage colleagues to do the same.