Food waste reduction

University catered events

In the UK around 9.52 Million tonnes of food is thrown away every year. Nine tonnes of this food waste is thrown away by hospitality and food services. Members of the University can help reduce those numbers by considering what they order for University catered events.

If an event has used University approved catering suppliers from Unibuy, staff can contact and deliver leftover food themselves. The list of approved suppliers can be found in the events’ food waste guidance.

For more information on food waste disposal and where the nearest food waste bins are please visit the operational food waste pages.

At work

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce waste outside of University catered events:

  • Leftover lunches - bring in your leftovers and get together with colleagues at a leftover lunch event.
  • Clean and maintain your fridge - a clean and well-functioning fridge keeps food fresher for longer, which gives people more time to eat it.
  • Designate a community shelf in the fridge in kitchen areas - you might not want that leftover food but someone else might want it.
  • Offer out any unwanted food from events to your colleagues/students and if they don't want it check the list of charities that collect food from the University.
  • Share your recipes for using leftovers with your colleagues.
  • Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for recipe ideas and a portion planning tool.

At home

The Love Food Hate Waste website has lots of information about how you can reduce waste in the home including your halls of residence. We have provided some useful information below to help you get started:

  • Freeze your food – most food can be frozen (milk, bread etc.) right up to their use-by dates. Just defrost overnight in the fridge and use within 24 hours. Make sure you cook until piping hot.
  • Use the correct portion sizes – e.g. one portion of rice is ¼ of a mug.
  • Make a list – shopping without a plan can lead to you buying more than you need.
  • Sort out your fridge - it doesn’t take long and it’ll save your food! Wrap up any half used packets such as cheese, sliced meats or sausages to stop them drying out. Bring the oldest foods to the front so that they get used first.
  • Understand the labels – if you are unsure of the difference between best before and use by, see this useful webpage to find out more.