Run Commuting

Running to or from work is growing more and more popular. Here at the University we are continuing to build a network of run-commuters by providing facilities and access to help and advice that supports those that wish to run to work.

Do you already run to work or are you considering giving it a try? Find information below and guidance on how to join the growing community of run-commuters at the University for support and encouragement.

Run-commute community

  • Mailing list: UMRun is the University’s run-commute group that offers a support network for those that wish to fit exercise into their busy schedules. To join email .
  • Social media: Join the UMRun Facebook group for the latest conversations and information. There is also an UMRUN Strava group you can connect with.
  • Events: UMRun breakfast events take place on the last Thursday morning of every month. Join the Facebook group or mailing list to keep updated on upcoming events.

Run-commute facilities

  • Shower map There are over 65 shower and changing facilities available to use across main and north campus.

Run-commute guidance

  • FAQs Get to grips with run-commuting and how you could make it work.

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Did you know?

The University of Manchester was the first organisation outside of London to set up a run-commute group.