For over 15 years we have implemented sustainable initatives and work continues to develop the growing positive culture around sustainable travel, encouraging a flexible apporach and making best use of related new technology. We know that we cannot achieve our aims alone and recognise the importance of working in partenrship with stakeholders ranging from large public bodies and transport operators to charities and local travel retailers.

By choosing to travel sustainably you can help reduce carbon emissions, improve local air quality, reduce traffic congestion and improve local communities. Not only that, there are potentially significant personal benefits in terms of health, wellbeing and money savings.

Pedestrian access

We prioritise pedestrian access on campus. As specified in the Code of Practice for Design Teams:

  • With the construction of a new building and/or public realm area, the access and routing of cyclists and pedestrians (many arriving by public transport) shall be given priority in order to provide an attractive option that highlights the importance placed on encouraging such travel behaviour.
  • All pedestrian routes shall provide clear and consistent facilities to a building’s entrance/s.
  • Any new pedestrian and cycle routes shall be linked up to any current or future provision (both University and ‘on highway’)
  • Routes shall also consider the access from public transport facilities, such as bus stops and interchanges/stations.
  • Designers shall consider how access from an interchange/station be improved by the design of the new building (e.g. entrance locations) and/or public realm facilities.
  • Facilities shall be in-keeping with current provision but, where feasible, should look to further increase the attractiveness of public transport, walking and cycling.

Travel plans

See our targets, actions and programmes related to sustainable travel in the Sustainable Resources Plan and Living Campus Plan.

Travel initatives and incentives

Check out the pages in this section to understand what initiatives and incentives are available to support sustainable travel to and from campus as well as business-related travel.


Did you know?

You can sign up to receive a weekly travel update from Transport for Greater Manchester to help you plan your journeys in Greater Manchester, however you travel.