Student and Staff Projects from across The University of Manchester

As one of the largest Universities in the UK, we can boast about some of the great work that many of our staff and students are involved with that also involve the environment, climate change, society and development.

Under each of the University's faculties are a list of some of the projects that students and staff created that link to environmental topics.


The Faculty of Humanities

Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology (GCVA)

Based in the Arthur Lewis Building, The GCVA has been widely recognised as the world’s leading centre for Visual Anthropology.

Its graduates have produced more than 300 ethnographic films seen around the world and it is now at the forefront of the emergent dialogue between art and anthropology, including sensory ethnography, experimental and practice-based methods, sound and performance, photographic and digital media, and art/museum installations.

Selected works by students, staff and alumni can be found here.

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The Faculty of Science and Engineering

The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

6R - Making Labs Greener

6R stands for Refine, Reduce, Recycled, Re-use, Refill and Replace.

Plastics are cheap and convenient but their production and waste take a massive toll on the environment. Leading the way in achieving the University’s pledge to eliminate avoidable single-use plastic usage by 2022 are Maggy Fostier and Ruth Grady, lecturers in the School of Biological Sciences who are determined to reduce single-use plastics in the lab.