Far from being ‘the space between’, the University’s greenspace and public realm should be viewed as a valuable resource that promotes the natural environment to allow staff and students to prosper and the full range of benefits from nature realised.

The Living Campus Plan seeks to support and enhance the natural environment to provide:

  • High quality greenspace with room to learn, think and connect;
  • Preventative and restorative health benefits with opportunities to travel on foot or by bike or even to just observe nature and the changing seasons;
  • Natural resilience to climate change, especially resilience to more frequent and more extreme weather patterns;
  • Support for biodiversity; and
  • Space, habitats and corridors for wildlife.

The pages in this section detail the range of opportunities available whether it’s active participation in improvement projects or more passive enjoyment of our natural surroundings.

The living campus is one of six themes in 10,000 Actions. Visit 10,000 Actions to learn more and to create your living campus action plan.


Did you know?

A living wall has been installed on the Rutherford Theatre, Schuster Building exterior wall as part of the Brunswick Park development.