Ethical Grand Challenges

The Ethical Grand Challenges allow you to learn about three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st century - Sustainability, Social Justice and Workplace Ethics. These online and face-to-face activities take place in each year of your study and give you tools to become a more socially responsible graduate.

1. Sustainability Challenge

Feel empowered to take action on sustainability issues that matter most to you. The Sustainability Challenge is an interactive online activity which will get you to think critically about sustainability in a real world context and empower you to make a difference. As well as completing the challenge, you can also take part in the annual Sustainability Challenge Photography Competition.

2. Social Justice Challenge

Discover how you can support human rights and work to build fairer communities in Manchester, the UK and across the globe. Delivered through Blackboard, the Social Justice Challenge invites you to learn about six themes: migration, homelessness, mental health, higher education, race and energy.

3. Workplace Ethics Challenge

The third stage of the programme focuses on Workplace Ethics for final year students. Delve into a range of interactive workshops on topics such as bullying, harassment and safeguarding, and complete training scenarios that encourage you to consider ethical dilemmas in real-life work situations.

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The Stellify Award

The Ethical Grand Challenges are part of the Stellify Award, the University’s most prestigious extra-curricular accolade for undergraduate students. It shows that you have gone above and beyond during your time at Manchester and it will help you stand out from the crowd after graduation. Find out more about other Stellify activities.


Did you know?

The Sustainability Challenge has won the AUDE Higher Education Impact Initiative of the Year (2017), a Making a Difference Award (2017) and an EAUC Green Gown Award (2017).