Team Actions

Team Actions is part of the University’s 50,000 Actions portal, which evolved from the award winning 10,000 Actions portal. Through the Team Actions programme staff can take action on sustainability with colleagues to contribute to the University’s vision.

Teams taking part work to improve the environmental performance of their workplace / department throughout the year. This is done by completing actions online, each action is assigned a point score and teams work towards achieving an award at the end of the cycle.

Included in the portal are actions to reduce carbon in line with our commitment to be zero carbon by 2038, reduce avoidable single use plastic usage, travel sustainably and much more. All actions are mapped to the UN Sustainable Development Goals so that you can see how you are contributing.

The Team Actions section of the portal is open for staff based in an office, where staff are based in a laboratory / workshop we have another programme called LEAF (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) which focuses solely on actions you can take in these locations.

How to get involved?

Teams are organised by themselves and can be based in departments, buildings or just a group of like-minded colleagues. There is no size limit and anyone can initiate and lead a team.

Once you have registered you will be supported by the Environmental Sustainability Team.

To take part in Team Actions, simply:

  1. Complete the short online registration form
  2. Join a team on the Team Actions site
  3. If your team isn’t already on the site, or you have any additional questions, please contact

Once you have signed up you can get started with the actions. Arrange an initial meeting with all team members, have a look at the actions and decide how you want to tackle them through the year.

The Team Actions cycle will run through to October 2021 and culminates in an awards ceremony and celebration in December 2021.

How does the scoring work?

To gain the various award levels you will need to achieve the following:

- Bronze: complete all essential actions, and have achieved at least 100 points.
- Silver: complete all essential actions, and have achieved at least 200 points.
- Gold: complete all essential actions, and have achieved at least 300 points

Mailing list

To receive the latest information and events for Team Actions you can sign up to the mailing list.


A SharePoint site is a website that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. The Team Actions SharePoint contains resources and information from other teams that can be used to guide and inspire your work