Engagement initiatives for staff

We have a range of environmental sustainability engagement initiatives for staff to take part in to help make the University a more environmentally sustainable place to work and study.

Our commitment to you

The Environmental Sustainability Team will:

  • Value, support and encourage the environmental sustainability related work of staff.
  • Promote the work of sustainability engagement activities undertaken by staff.
  • Keep staff updated through our website and social media.
  • Offer personal support and guidance to catalyse environmental sustainability activity across the University.
  • Provide networking opportunities and create a culture of sharing and learning.
  • Communicate progress on sustainability targets in a way that encourages active positive participation.
  • Respond in a timely manner to queries (but please bear with us during busy periods and periods of annual leave).
  • Provide you with opportunities to engage with environmental sustainability at The University of Manchester and in the local community.

Your commitment to us

Together we will:

  • Support the delivery of the University’s Environmental Sustainability Strategy and its vision: “to use the University’s full range of knowledge and influence to support a world that is environmentally sustainable”.
  • Create a culture of environmental sustainability at The University of Manchester.
  • Share best practice, encouraging staff and students to make a difference by working together to support the University in its commitments towards environmental sustainability.

Which is the best engagement opportunity for me?

Knowledge and awareness about environmental sustainability at the University is provided through 50,000 Actions and the sustainability seminar series. We have created a downloadable flowchart to help you decide which is the best engagement opportunity for you.

The following pages explain engagement activities in further detail and how to get involved.