We announced our ambitious £1 billion, 10 year investment to create a world class campus in 2012, to bring the University together onto a single campus and provide some of the world’s most modern facilities for teaching and research.

Alongside this we undertake refurbishment and long term maintenance projects as part of the day to day operations of the University.

This large scale construction and refurbishment programme presents a unique opportunity to embed sustainability within the estate and increase the positive impacts we have on the environment. We also recognise that the Campus Masterplan presents challenges and as such we will manage any associated negative impacts.

The Campus Masterplan will allow us to create a new energy efficient campus; each project will contribute to meeting our 2038 Net Zero Carbon target. In addition to carbon and energy efficiencies, the Masterplan also presents many opportunities to create a truly environmentally sustainable campus. These include increasing the numbers and quality of facilities for our staff and student cyclists, connecting our researchers to data from projects, building on existing brownfield sites, sharing innovations and best practice with our partners and supplying a healthy environment that provides for people and nature.

If you would like to find out more about the projects taking place please contact us or visit the Masterplan website.


Did you know?

We have appointed a team of external consultants, our Environmental Sustainability Advisors, to manage the environmental sustainability targets throughout our large scale developments. We also have developed our own set of targets which projects are expected to meet, these are contained within our environmental sustainability project tracker document.