Environmental Sustainability


With investment in new cycleways and ambitious targets to increase journeys made by bike from Transport for Greater Manchester, cycling is set to gather further momentum over the coming years. The University provides supporting infrastructure and works with networks of engaged people to boost the number cyclists, help tackle congestion and pollution and make Manchester a healthier and more pleasant place to live and study.

Whether you are an existing cyclist or someone who is just considering giving it a go, we provide and support a range of facilities and measures to help make cycling to work an attractive and accessible form of transport.

Cycle community

Cycle facilities

  • Biko Bikes This is a student-led project that repairs reclaimed bikes and rents them at £1 a week.
  • Cycle parking There are over 3,000 cycle parking facilities on main and north campus, including a number of secure cycle shelters available for staff and postgraduates to use.
  • Cycle shelters in residences There are a number of cycle shelters available for use by student residents at City Campus, Victoria Park and Fallowfield Campus.
  • Showers There are over 65 showers available to use across main and north campus.
  • Cycle repair stands and pumps There are three cycle repair stands on main campus and one on north campus. There are also two rapid pumps on main campus and one on north campus.

Cycle initatives

  • Cycle training Sign up for free cycle riding and maintenance sessions for beginners and experienced cyclists.
  • Second hand bike sales Purchase a low-cost bike at sales that regularly take place on the Fallowfield campus.
  • Cycle registration scheme Free bike security marking service.
  • Subsidised lock scheme Qualify for a discounted lock by registering your bike on the University’s cycle registration scheme.
  • Abandoned bikes There will be two sweeps a year to remove and dispose of abandoned bikes – see abandoned bike policy for more information.


Did you know?

Oxford Road has changed. The new ‘Dutch-style’ cycle lanes have been put in to make it safer for cyclists and encourage people of all abilities to give cycling a go #OxfordRoadEvolves.