Sustainable driving

Whilst we encourage more sustainable alternatives to car travel where possible, we fully appreciate that there are circumstances where car use is necessary.

Consider potential ways to reduce the impact of car use on congestion, air quality and the environment with the following support.

Car sharing

  • CarShareGM Sign up to the Greater Manchester car share scheme for a secure online matching service to find local people who make a similar journey to you. It’s free and simple to join.

Discounted parking permits

  • Car share permit Two or more University staff permit holders can be issued with a single ‘car share’ permit for £240 per year, deducted from the salary of the main applicant at £20 per month.
  • Flexible permit Travel choices often change depending on daily circumstances and the flexible permit allows and encourages more occasional parking making it easier to switch between different modes of travel.
  • Low emission vehicle scheme Receive a 50% discount if you drive a vehicle that emits less than 50g of carbon per km.

Electric vehicles

  • Charging on campus There are eight electric vehicle charging bays in Booth Street West multi-storey car park and four bays in Cecil Street car park.
  • GMEV network Provides details of all the registered charge points across Manchester (including the ones on campus) and how to join so that you may access the charging network.
  • Go Ultra Low For general information on electric vehicles provided by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.


Did you know?

We run smarter driver training for staff and results have shown an average 15% improvement in miles per gallon (MPG) equating to an annual fuel saving of around £200 and carbon reduction of 400kg. Email for details about the next sessions.