Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Travel

The University of Manchester is committed to reducing its environmental impact and actively encourages and promotes sustainable travel. More information and guidance can be found on the following pages:


The University of Manchester has a large staff and student cycling community. There are a range of facilities and incentives to support you as a current or potential cyclist, to find out more visit the cycling pages


Running to or from work is growing more and more popular and the University is continuing to build a community of run commuters. Click here to find more information.


The simplest form of travel is often overlooked and undervalued. Walking is free, good for your health, good for the environment and a great way to get to know places better. Visit our walking page for more details.


The University is well connected by buses in Manchester. Information on the bus page will help you find your way around Greater Manchester by bus.

Trains and trams

There are three main train stations in Manchester, with both national and regional services in operation. Interest free loans for annual season tickets are available to support the use of public transport. More information can be found here.

Sustainable car travel

Whilst staff and students are encouraged to seek more sustainable alternatives to car travel wherever possible, we are aware that in some circumstances, car travel is necessary. For more details on consideration of car use and flexible travel arrangements visit the sustainable car travel webpage.

The car-share initiatives aim to reduce our carbon footprint and save you money. Get involved with the share-your-car scheme here.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Car Sharing Scheme please add your details to the database and contact the Car Parks Office for information about the University's car share permit.

Business travel

When traveling on business; public transport, cycling and car sharing are more sustainable options than single occupancy car travel or air travel. Plus, there is also the option of not traveling at all and making use of video or tele conference facilities. Details of alternatives to single occupancy car travel or air travel for business can be found here.

Free University bus between Oxford Road and Sackville Street

UMBUG is the University's Bike Users Group

Lunchtime strollers

Electric charge points available on campus