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The UMAPIT (University of Manchester Animal Positions and Information Tracker) app and accompanying website have been developed by staff at the University. They allow quick and easy recording of selected key species in the field using a set of images and descriptions. The species have been seen on the University's campus and many are also found across the UK.

Visit UMAPIT to enter information and locations manually via the website using any mobile or desktop device with an internet connection. You can use the app to capture details of species you encounter on campus and beyond, record your finding on a map and send your records directly to the website database. The UMAPIT app is free of charge and is available on android.

This citizen science project aims to get our staff, students and visitors engaged with biomonitoring especially in an urban environment, to highlight the wealth of diversity available on University of Manchester campus, and to monitor species distribution across the UK.

Volunteer Art Gardener at The Whitworth

Whitworth Art Gallery are looking for people to join their team by becoming a Whitworth Volunteer Art Gardener. They are creating an Art Garden working with landscape designer, Sarah Price, who will be developing a sustainable design with volunteers playing a key role in maintaining the planting throughout the year.

European Goldfinch

Holly Blue

Red Fox