Environmental Sustainability

Become a Sustainability Champion

In 2008 the University launched the Sustainability Enthusiast network. Following feedback from these Enthusiasts and with the launch of 10,000 Actions, the Enthusiasts have now developed into Sustainability Champions.

Our Sustainability Champions form an institution-wide network of individuals who are leading positive change for sustainability in their own areas and in a range of ways. They support the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team and the institution by initiating activity in their own areas that really makes a difference on a local level. They share their own good practice with colleagues and help to get others involved too by attending meetings twice a year.

If you have an idea that might help to support sustainability in your area then becoming a Sustainability Champion might be a good way to help you put it into practice.

If you are interested in meeting and learning from how others across the institution are creating positive change in their own context this network could offer a great way to keep in touch with others.


Watch this space for information on the events that are held each year for Sustainability Champions. These feature:

  • Leading external thinkers on sustainability to challenge our thinking and practice

  • Updates from key staff and groups within the University of their sustainability activity

  • Advice and guidance on practical actions you can take

If you want to get involved download the Sustainability Champion Charter, which can be downloaded to the right and return the completed copy to es@manchester.ac.uk

Once we have received your completed Charter, we will issue a Sustainability Champion certificate and add you to the mailing list to receive updates and invitations to events.

If you are interested in a particular area of sustainability then you can sign-up as a living campus or energy champion. This can be done when you complete the Champion Charter.