Environmental Sustainability

Ethical Grand Challenges

The Ethical Grand Challenges programme allows all undergraduate students at the University the opportunity to explore three of the biggest challenges facing the world in the 21st Century: environmental sustainability, social justice issues and work place ethics.

Sustainability challenge

The sustainability challenge is offered to all first-year undergraduate students at the University. Working in groups, students consider the challenges arising from a major project happening on a hypothetical campus. Through the activity students tackle the complex mix of environmental, social and economic dilemmas in a realistic scenario.

Social justice

Social justice is one of the most important issues of the 21st century and has never been more relevant. The JustFest festival explores themes surrounding social justice and incorporates the volunteering fair. At JustFest students are able to explore the concept of social justice through interactive workshops, exhibitions, performances and online experiences.

Work place ethics

The third stage of the programme focuses on workplace ethics for final year students and is due to be implemented after 2017. It will involve a range of interactive workshops and training scenarios that encourage students to consider ethical dilemmas in real-life work situations.


The Ethical Grand Challenges are part of Stellify, the University’s commitment to supporting students in becoming socially responsible and highly employable citizens of the world. Through Stellify, the University is focusing on the real world impact of what we do. This includes everything from social justice, ethical leadership and community action to global connections and multicultural perspectives. Combined with interdisciplinary opportunities and collaborations, it all comes together to create valuable and diverse opportunities for our students.

All Stellify paths are unique to every student, and all depends on what you do, what you want to know and what you discover along the way. Stellify presents you with five points of action:

  • Embrace learning without boundaries
  • Understand the issues that matter
  • Make a difference
  • Step up
  • Engaged with my future

There’s an ever-expanding list of activities under each action point. They each provide you with opportunities and inspiration to become the best graduate you can be.

Take a closer look at what you can do as part of Stellify.


Did you know?

Along with the 10,000 Actions, the sustainability challenge won the AUDE higher education impact initiative of the year.