Environmental Sustainability

Green Impact Project Plus

Green Impact Project Plus was created after feedback from staff members who had either done Green Impact for a few years and needed something more challenging or were from a specialist area where the workbook only applied to a small part of what they do.

After fulfilling the workbook's essential criteria if you are in an office or completing 100 points across the labs section if you are in a lab (just to make sure you have the basics covered), you can work on a project that is specific to your area and that will have the biggest impact for your efforts. You will be supported by the Environmental Sustainability Team and also a student assistant (if wanted).

Your project can span longer than 12 months if needed and an element of flexibility has been built in to make sure it delivers the maximum benefit possible. After completion, your project will then be evaluated by the Green Impact Project Plus Committee who will agree on which standard you are awarded.

How to get involved?

Complete the Expression of Interest form, which can be downloaded from the right. We will then get in touch to help you work up your proposal.

If you would like more information about the scheme contact es@manchester.ac.uk or 0161 275 7686.