Environmental Sustainability

Carbon Literacy

The city of Manchester wants everyone who works, studies or lives here to have access to Carbon Literacy training – and so become the world’s first Carbon Literate city. To help meet this ambitious aim, The Carbon Literacy Project was developed in Manchester.

10,000 Actions is accredited under this scheme. This means you can receive your nationally recognised Carbon Literacy certificate by taking part in 10,000 Actions and by demonstrating your knowledge.


To apply for your Carbon Literacy certificate you will need to do two things:

1. Answer a few questions to demonstrate that you meet the Carbon Literacy Standard. The questionnaire will cover the following areas:

  • What Greenhouse Gases are, and their relationship to weather and climate.
  • How climate here and elsewhere is likely to change, and how we know this.
  • How changes in the climate are likely to affect us in the UK and in other parts of the world.
  • How our actions impact on the amount of greenhouse gases produced and the impact that they have.
  • Equity and Fairness now and in the future, underlies the changes that we want to see in the UK and globally.

These extra resources may help you with this process:

Fill in the Carbon Literacy questionnaire which will ask a series of questions related to your understanding of carbon. Please note that this questionnaire cannot be saved and will need to be completed in one sitting.

2. Have completed at least one individual and one group action from the action plan you created through 10,000 Actions. If you would like guidance on if your actions through 10,000 Actions are counted as group or individual ones email 10000actions@manchester.ac.uk or call x62393.

Submitted questionnaires are sent once a month to The Carbon Literacy Trust for checking and, if successful, you will receive your certificate via email. This means that after submitting you may wait up to four weeks for your certificate. If you have any questions about the Carbon Literacy process please contact 10000actions@manchester.ac.uk


Did you know?

The University of Manchester is the first university in the world to have been recognised as a Carbon Literate Organisation.