Environmental Sustainability


Energy reduction in offices

There are simple actions that can be taken to reduce energy use in offices. We have created a simple energy saving in offices guide to help you.

Please see the energy saving for offices guidance document for more tips and ideas.

Energy reduction in labs

Use this guide to find out where your lab is already saving energy and how you can improve your energy saving practices. It is divided into three main sections: temperature regulation, lighting and equipment. Because lighting and equipment produce heat, good control of both improves the ability to regulate the room temperature efficiently.

Energy saving events

Energy saving campaigns can help raise awareness about energy saving issues across the University. Switch-off campaigns provide a simple, low-cost solution that has helped to save energy across the University.

Switch-off campaigns are not the only energy-saving campaign that can help reduce energy consumption, other projects previously done by staff include:

  • Christmas jumper day: encourage staff to dress for the weather and not rely on heating.
  • Everest challenge: encourage staff to climb the equivalent of Everest by choosing the stairs over the lift where possible.

Named responsibility for switching equipment off

Often equipment is left on unnecessarily because people think someone else is going to turn something off at the end of the day.

You may find this office switch-off checklist helpful in designating responsibility for switching equipment off in your team.

Energy champions

Our energy champions are a network of individuals who are involved with energy saving projects in their area. They are involved with a variety of activities that will help the University to reduce their carbon emissions, which could include raising awareness about energy saving issues to running energy saving events such as switch-offs. Energy champions play a key role in ensuring that the University reduces its own carbon emissions. Visit the champion webpage to find out more.

Energy audit guidance

Conducting energy audits on a regular basis helps identify energy waste and opportunities for improving energy practices. This aids reductions in carbon emissions and can make working environments more comfortable. We have developed energy audit guidance to help you in this process.

Energy trials

In 2015, an Easter Switch-off campaign was conducted in 10 campus building. Over the Easter weekend, an average 22% energy saving was made, with some buildings reducing energy consumption by 50%. To reach these savings once again, energy-engagement trials are currently being performed in the same buildings. This will help to uncover how to effectively engage with staff, whilst helping to reduce electricity use. Some methods that will be used include poster trials, inter-lab competitions and a shut-the sash challenge.

Energy at the University is managed by the Mechanical and Energy Team. Visit their website for guidance on how to reduce and manage your energy use.

Energy is one of six themes in 10,000 Actions. Visit 10,000 Actions to learn more and to create your energy use action plan.